Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama

Capacity building in the field of Youth





SERBIA – CEPORA – Center for Positive Youth Development (co-ordinator)

SPAIN – Associacio Pirineus Creatius

ITALY – Associazione Uniamoci Onlus

HUNGARY – Nyitott Kör Egyesület

ALBANIA – Youth 4 Society

CROATIA – Udruga Praktikum


Overview of the project

Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama aims at improving capacities of organizations for implementing applied drama techniques for social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. The consortium consists of organizations with different experiences in the field, and is focused at exchanging good practice, horizontal non-formal learning and enriching of partners programmes with new methodologies. It consists of organizing a seminar, a training course for youth workers and a follow-up meeting. During the project organisations will create new partnerships, exchange different effective approaches for using applied drama, enrich their programmes and raise their staff competences. As a result a new comprehensive training module will be produced, with direct inputs for replication through publicized project results. The project will have impact on organizations involved, their staff, participants in their programmes, but also on other organizations, communities their users live in, communities the organizations work in, practice in the field of social inclusion on the local, national and international level.



  • Creating a long-term collaboration between organisations from different European countries focussed around using applied drama with vulnerable groups;
  • Improving programmes of participating organisations;
  • Enhancing skills of youth workers in the field of applied drama for social inclusion;
  • Promoting transnational non-formal learning mobility.


During the project, 2 publications were created, following the project activities, that are free for use for all practitioners and youth workers who want to use applied drama for social inclusion.

  • Seminar summary about the important topics for implementation of applied drama techniques for vulerable groups: Seminar SITAD
  • Training module for youth workers with videos of used exercises and the process: Training module SITAD



Beside CEPORA, 5 organizations are participating in the project.


Associacio Pirineus Creatius 

Pirineus Creatius is a non-governmental organization based in Catalan Pyrenees. The organization specializes in personal development and social inclusion of young people from rural Pyrenees through artistic activities and creativity. Apart from working with youth, the team also works on the organization of workshops and training courses for professionals. Pirineus Creatius main areas of artistic work are theatre classes (year long programs for youngsters and adults), theatre productions, animations, reading theatre workshops (in collaboration with local library and Catalan National Theatre); music festivals and youth exchanges aimed to internationalize music activities in Pyrenees; dance, visual arts and sport.

Pirineus Creatius works on theatre plays productions and workshops on theatre, music, dancing; it has experience in organizing and leading a mobility project for youngsters and youth workers, which all is intended to be implemented on partnership basis in this project.

Also, Pirineus Creatius produces local and international non-formal education programs, projects and performances for young people of Alt Urgell region. Currently, Pirineus Creatius is working on establishing international partnerships with organizations who work on similar goals to extend the possibilities of mobility and cultural exchange between young people and adults of Alt Urgell and other European countries.

Nyitott Kör Egyesület – Open Circle Association  

Our mission is to improve communities and competencies, and through Theatre and Drama in education, open new aspects particularly for young people to develop a dynamically balanced persons with themselves, their environment and the society. We assist them to be able to help each other, learn about conflict management, and focus their energy to a common goal. Our activities primarily take place in the Central-Hungarian Region, but we travel to anywhere in the country and also abroad if we are invited.

The main fields of our activity: Theatre in Education, Drama in Education, Young people’s theatre, Talent mentorship, Trainings/workshops for community building, thematic events and camps with youth groups.

Theatre in Education (TIE) – The basis of the work is the use of theatre as a tool for learning. TIE companies employ actor/teachers working with one class at a time. This is critical to the work we do which is highly participative, requiring the highest teacher-student ratio possible, and it distinguishes TIE from any other form of theatre, including young people’s theatre.

Youth Activities organized by Nyitott Kör:

Maybug Group – continuosly, since 2009, Dunabogdány, drama based activities with a mentally disabled youth group, every summer Maybug camp – 5-10 days long integrated daily camp

Theatre camps every summer for children and young people

Poem and tale writing camp from 2012, every summer a 5 day long camp for 10-14 yrs old students talented in writing, cooperation with Dragonfly Magazine

Ropedance – Theatre in Education program about authority

Inability – Theatre in Education program about addiction

Open Circle – Open communities

7 theatre study groups for children and young people, and 15 more study groups in Zebegény and Szentendre (media, chess, fine arts, embroidery, typewriting, LEGO robot, Go)

Knots – preventative Theatre in Education program

Several performances for children with participatory theatre

Dramapedagogy course for independent artists I

Tune – Theatre in Education program about identification (Hungarian premiere)

Tear – Theatre in Education program about growing up (becoming an adult)

Hottentot – performance about environment protection

Dramapedagogy course for independent artists II

Emergency – Theatre in Education program about first aid

The Geek – Theatre in Education program about bullying

EVS – coordinating, sending and hosting organization since 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 we carried out a 12 months long project with 4 volunteers each year

supported by the Youth in Action Programme

supported by the Erasmus+ Programme

In 2017 we are carrying out a 12 months long project with 6 volunteers: supported by the Erasmus+ Programme: T.E.T.T: Theatre in Education for Training Tolerance


Associazione Uniamoci Onlus 

“Uniamoci Onlus” is a no profit organization that works in the field of integration and social assistance of young/adult people with disability fostering their full inclusion in the society. The Association was created in Palermo, in 2008. The objectives of Associazione Uniamoci Onlus can be summarized as follows:

– Creation of patterns of empowerment  for our users with disability

– International Cooperation in the field of social inclusion of people with disability

– Promotion of European mobility, active citizenship and volunteering

– Raising social awareness to spread inclusive behaviours

We manage a a daily center for people with physical and or mental and or cognitive disability.

Furthermore at an European level, Uniamoci Onlus implements the European social policy within the Erasmus+ Programme and Anna Lindh Foundation, spreading the European values at a local level and contributing to the exchange of good practices among European and extra-European organizations that are active in the social field. We participated as sending organization in 6 youth exchanges, 7 mobility projects for youth workers and 2 EVS projects and we coordinated 6 youth exchanges, 2 mobility projects for youth workers, 1 EVS project, a strategic partnership in the field of youth (youth initiative) and we are now coordinating a strategic partnership in the field of youth about the use of new media in youth work and in the field of adult education about the use of Art as a tool for social inclusion.

Recently we started to use theatre as a tool of education, and a mixed group of people with disabilities and able bodied youngsters (staff and volunteers), wrote and played a theatral play called Essere Siciliano. It was our first experience working with theatre. Often we use the creation of short movies as an educational tool, where our mixed ability group create the script on a specific topic and each member has a specific role in filming, directing, acting, video editing etc. Last January our organization participated to a Seminar in Macedonia called Art for Start, where we presented our method to work with video-making and we learned about new tools to work with young people with fewer opportunities and we had an experiential workshop on the Theatre of Oppressed.


Youth 4 Society

Our association was created in 2008 by a group of young people from 17 – 35 years old living in Tirana, Albania. Our members have participated in many European activities in youth field like youth exchanges, seminars, training, campaign for youth rights within youth programme and some other youth activities. The main aim of our association is to foster youth participation of young people in civil society, to bring social change, development and improvement of society when we live,  using different tools and mainly focused in youth field. We have been engaged in different youth activities as volunteers and during this period we have gained a lot of experience increasing our knowledge with a direct impact in our personal and social development. We work in local, national and European level engaging youngsters in different activities for many years now. The main areas of our work are: human rights education, inclusion, participation, citizenship, education, volunteering ect. Our main target group that we work with is youngsters with fewer opportunities such as: youngsters from rural areas, youngsters from minority background, youngsters who face social problems in their life etc. Some of the activities we organize are: campaigns, seminars, youth exchanges, training courses, flash mobs, local actions, street actions, meetings etc

Y4S organization has organized many other activities in the past related with inclusion and human rights education, employment,  intercultural learning etc  in local and European level. Y4S has a great experience working with youngsters with disadvantage (youngsters from rural areas, youngsters from minority groups, youngsters facing social problems) using non formal education approach to raise awareness for inclusion of marginalized groups in society and make them feel part of the community. One of main tool used in our work to foster active participation is volunteerism  as very interesting and enjoyable for youngsters. In our work, we use regularly training courses for leadership and skills improving in order to empower young people and promote inclusion, youth participation, volunteerism and active citizenship. The previous activities organized by staff of Y4S organisation were very highly evaluated from the participants. This motivated us to continue work again with inclusion and employment topic and  to raise awareness of youngsters in diversity issues.


Udruga Praktikum

Practicum is educational and entertainment centre for youth and children which encourages their creativity. Alongside with the drama workshops, within the spaces of the organisation are held movie workshops, art clases, singing lessons, music workshops and various types of trainings that help children and young people with learning and studying techniques.

Organisation encourages healthy lifestyle through physical activities, therefore it launched a new project of hiking on Medvednica mountain called „Art in Nature“ intended for children and teenagers.

Alongside with the educational and entertaining part, organisation developes and implements activities and projects supported by national and EU funds related to children’s and youth’s health protection with the emphasis on all types of risky behaviour. It promotes lifelong learning through non-formal education.

Our aims:

-Protecting children and youth with an emphasis on all forms of risky behaviour and addiction

-Protecting and promoting  the rights of children and young people

-Encouraging and fostering volunteerism and solidarity among young people

-Encouraging and fostering tolerance, non-violence and non-discrimination among children and youth

-Informing and advocating concerning the interests and needs of children and youth

-Promoting  healthy life choices

-Encouraging active citizenship and participating  young people in the designing and implementing public policies

-Promoting youth participation in the civil society development

-Encouraging youth mobility and exchange of young people throughout cross-border cooperation

-Development of social entrepreneurship for young people



Activity 1 – Conference // April 2018

Participants: 3 participants from every partner organisation

Activities: Exchange of different experiences in the practice of using applied drama for social inclusion.

Aim: Creating a collaboration between partner organisations which will enable them to incorporate different effective approaches in their programmes for young people with fewer opportunities, enrich their strategies for social inclusion, make new professional connections and form a basis for future collaboration.

Activity 2 – Training for youth workers // August 2018

Participants: 4 participants from every partner country

Activities: Training for youth workers on which they gained knowledge and skills about Developmental Theatre, Interactive Theatre and Process Drama and their use as methods for social inclusion.

Activity 3 – Folow-up Meeting // November 2018

Participants: 2 participants from every partner organisation

Activities: Evaluation meeting between local projects coordinators.