Creative Europe Project

Field of the project

T.O.U.C.H. project is focused on innovation in the field of audience development and social inclusion through culture and art.


– Creation of a showcase for the use of a theatre outreach model in including vulnerable groups in active art creation and as a connecting means with different audience groups;

– Rising the capacity of the creative sector to include people from different vulnerable groups as active subjects in the creative industries;

– Fostering the collaboration between culture, education, social welfare and the youth sector.

Kick-off meeting:
Short project description

The show-case consists of creation of an international inclusive co-production based on a theatre outreach approach, with using applied theatre as its main methodology for involvement and empowerment of three target groups (youth without parental care, people with disability and unemployed youth) and engagement of audiences. The inclusive creative troupe will have 3 international tours, each time performing for 2 audiences – their own group and general public. The tours are followed with local performances in schools, thus using interactive theatre methods not only to foster audience development, but to support the integration processes of target groups in their local communities.

The show-case is documented through a comprehensive publication, involving recommendations for artists for successful engagement of people from vulnerable groups in their participatory art projects. In addition, 3 short movies follow the show-case and focus on the effects on participants and audience members. Second part of the project involves a series of dissemination activities, with organization of and participation in national and international cultural and inter-sectoral events, meetings and publications and videos dissemination, in order to motivate culture and creative sector to focus on this topic and to empower the trust in the contact between sectors through a good practice example.