Our vision is that every child has the optimum conditions for a positive development.

Our results

So far we have implemented over 50 projects aimed at preventing behavioural problems and encouraging positive development of children and youth;

We evaluated educational material for over 30 topics (curricula, workshop scenarios and guides);

For seven years we are continuously working with children and youth without parental care who are on institutional-based care at the Center for Care of Infants, Children and Youth – Belgrade;

With the children and young people we have created and performed 10 interactive plays, 3 exhibitions and 1 pervasive game in the community;

We have trained over 130 professionals for developmental-preventive work;

We held 3,000 thematic lectures;

We held 3,500 workshops;

We held 1000 focus-group interviews and participatory groups;

9,500 children and young people participated in our activities so far.

About us


Our mission

Our mission is to implement current prevention  science knowledge in order to improve emotional and social development of children and youth.


Our team

– Experts with practical experience in the field of special education and rehabilitation, education, social care, youth safety and prevention of health and behavioral problems.

– A group of teachers, associates, PhD and MA students from the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Security Studies and the Faculty of Political Sciences.

– Students of the faculties of humanity sciences and other people who support the mission of the Centre.



• Attachment
• Commitment
• Expertise
• Innovation
• Effectiveness



If you want to help our cause, you can donate funds to our organization. Every donation is very helpful and will help a lot in our mission to help children and youth.

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Anyone interested in volunteering and thus being a part of our team, can read all the information on the "Center for training and volunteering".

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