DIVERSITY REVOLUTION: From value to practice

FEB 2022 – JAN 2024


SERBIA – CEPORA – Center for Positive Youth Development (co-ordinator)

SERBIA – Institute for Educational Research (IER)

ITALY – Associazione Uniamoci Onlus

SLOVENIA – Scuola elementare – Osnovna sola Dante Alighieri Isola Izola

General objective

  • The general objective of this Erasmus+ cooperation partnership project is to provide support organisations and institutions to enhance their fostering of diversity in practice, by helping them view this issue holistically, „find their way“ through possibilities offered to them, so they can navigate towards those enhancement resources that are relevant for their specific cultural/climate/competences needs.

Specific objectives

  • Innovation of the support for organisations and institutions for their diversity fostering practices;
  • Systematization existing knowledge, assessment and good practice resources regarding diversity;
  • Providing the youth, education and social welfare an “all-in-one” resource for fostering diversity in their work with all youth that will help them create a diversity revolution in their organisations.


  • Contemporary knowledge, assessment tools and practical resources on diversity are united in a comprehensive holistic toolbox;
  • Managers and staff from 3 sectors (youth work, education and social welfare) have a new holistic resource on diversity in their hands for assessing and enhancing their culture, climate and competences;
  • CSO’s, schools and social welfare institutions are enhancing their diversity fostering with the use of the Diversity package.
  • Creating the Diversity package, a toolbox consisting of 3 collections covering: (1) current knowledge (evidence-based) regarding the topic of fostering diversity in the youth sector (including a form of minimal-standards for fostering diversity); (2) assessment tools for assessing the context level (focused around the organisational culture), relationship level (focused around the organisational climate) and individual level (focused at relevant competences of managers and staff and fostering diversity in youth); and (3) practical resources as good practice examples and enhancement suggestions for each element of fostering diversity.;
  • Enhancing key elements for quality fostering of diversity in contact with all youth.