Center for Volunteering and Training

CEPORA, since August 2013, is in the official records of the organizers of volunteering by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs RS. By registrating in the register of organizers of volunteering and by establishing a volunteering program, we want to make our work transparent, to ensure the quality of our service and to assure that the volunteers we work with are satisfied.

Volunteering Program is organized for the Developmental-Prevention Center and includes participation in the implementation of developmental-preventive workshops with children without parental care are on institutional care at the Center for Care of Infants, Children and Youth – Belgrade. So far the volunteering program involved more than 130 volunteers.

With all the volunteers the contract on volunteering is signed  and volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering after the end of the cycle, in accordance with Article 25 of the Law on Volunteering. Volunteer program includes theoretical and practical training of the structure, content and the modul of implementation of developmental-preventive workshops, as well as the direct voluntary work with children for a period of nine months, once a week for 120 minutes.

More detailed information on the Volunteering Program can be obtained from our volunteer coordinator Anka Amčović, at the phone number 063-1-75-75-65.