The Search for Lost Heroes

The pervasive game “The Search for Lost Heroes” was created as part of the “Joint Action for Problem Solving” project.

The game was designed by children from the Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj dorm and their peers growing up in biological families. Through a series of community activities, a group of children, with the support of CEPORA associates, explored their local community – Brace Jerkovic, mapping out all those good and less good sides of the community.


As a result of socializing, a game was created in a real space and time in which over 100 citizens in one day were able, following a series of clues, to explore their community and learn about its strengths and weaknesses. Through the search for lost heroes, citizens were able to find out certain historical information about the community, to find out who the favorite citizens are – teachers, salesmen, what are the secret locations where the young people cling to and what local sports in the community children avoid because they’re unsafe.


The hosts and guides through the game were precisely the children from the dorm and their peers, thus being able to be the hosts in their neighborhood and develop positive relationships with the community.