In My Interest

The Forum Theatre play “In My Interest” was created as part of the project “Meet Me”.

Through months of work with children without parental care from three dorms at the Center for the Care of Infants, Children and Youth – Belgrade, the Theater Forum play  “In My Interest” was set up, which is based on the children’s personal stories and describes their everyday life in the institutional setting.

The story follows the protagonist from the moment of his entry into the social welfare system until the moment when the formal conditions for his residential accommodation expire, when he should leave the system.


The show had performances for the general public, for the professional public in the field of social protection, for other youth without parental care, employees of the institution and local residents of the “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” dorm.

Directing: Vesna Popovic

Participants: children and young people from the dorms “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” and “Mosa Pijade”.

More than 60 children and young people participated in the preparation of the play.