School of Personal Growth

School of Personal Growth is a free  program for young people aged 17 to 26 years old which is implemented by CEPORA in cooperation with municipality Savski venac, with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia. The School consists of six highly interactive workshops, each for a period of 4 hours. During the project, a summer, autumn and winter Schools of Personal Growth will be organized.

School of Personal Growth is intended for young people who want to strengthen their personal capacities, explore their personality and identity, develop a sense of management and control over life events, improve their communication skills and managing emotions, learn how to successfully resolve conflicts and strengthen their potential to set goals and decision making.

Topics covered in the School of Personal Growth are: emotional literacy (recognizing and managing emotions), assertiveness (assertive rights and defense of manipulation), communication (active listening and conflict resolution), self-efficacy (goal setting and decision making), independent thinking (critical thinking and resistance to negative social pressures) personal identity (self-awareness, self-motivation, self-confidence and self-control). Each section is covered by one workshop.

Summer cycle. The first workshop starts on 24 June, and meetings will be held every Saturday from 11 to 15:30 am in the premices of ​​the Youth Office Savsi venac (Kneza Miloša 47).

Registration for School of Personal Growth are open and young people can apply by filling out this online application.