Peer mentors in action

Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth


SERBIA – CEPORA – Center for Positive Youth Development (co-ordinator)

HUNGARY – ‘I am the best’ Talent Mentoring NGO

Overview of the project:

The project “Peer mentors in Action – Social Inclusion through Peer Mentoring” aims at supporting
youth in the social welfare system in their most challenge transition period in overcoming social
exclusion and fostering positive peer relationships through developing an comprehensive guide book
for peer mentoring programs. The objectives of the project involve creating conditions for quality
implementation of peer mentoring for youth at risk, innovating the support for youth in the social
welfare system and expanding the number of CSO’s using peer mentoring.

Throughout the project, staff from participating organisations – experts and youth workers with experience in this filed, will meet on the Launching meeting, discuss and enhance their mutual understanding on the topic
through a short joint staff training, and then create a comprehensive guide book covering the topics
of planning, implementation and evaluation of peer mentoring programs for youth in the social welfare
system, including a detailed training for peer mentors. After the creation of the guide book and its
online publication, two multiplier events will be organised, one in Serbia and one in Hungary, for
promotion of the guide book “Peer support is the best support” to other CSO’s and youth workers.
Additionally, the publication will be distributed to experts in social welfare system, and future peer
mentors will be targeted through intensive promotion and visibility campaign on the social media and
other media channels.

Through these activities it is planned to achieve the availability of a comprehensive guide for peer mentoring programs applicable in the local context, implementation of peer mentoring guide book by CSO’s and youth workers, raising awareness of experts in the social welfare system about the availability of peer mentoring programs for support of youth in the system and expanding the interest of youth for applying to peer mentoring programs. After the multiplier events and the implementation of the dissemination strategy, the project team will meet for the
purposes of the evaluation of the project. The project will present the beginning of implementation of
peer mentoring programs for youth in the social welfare system, with the idea of a long-term goal of
having peer mentoring programs a constant support service for supporting the social inclusion of
youth in the social welfare system in their crucial life events.