Recycling for begginers

The project Recycling for Beginners – educational workshops for elementary school students involves the design and implementation of a series of three educational workshops with elementary school students to improve their knowledge about recycling , develop recycling skills, and acquire waste management habits to protect the environment.

CEPORA – Center for Positive Youth Development invites you to join a team of peer educators who will conduct recycling workshops with elementary school students and thus disseminate knowledge on burning environmental topics.

Recycling workshops for beginners with students will be held in the early 2020/2021 school year.

The Recycling for Beginners – Educational Environmental Workshops for Children project has been financially supported by the Australian Embassy in Belgrade through the Direct Aid Program.

During 2019, the project was supported by the City Administration of the City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Environmental Protection (with 150,000 RSD), as well as by eFront. At that time, an educational coloring book for students was created within the project, a mascot of the project was created – the Planetko doll, there was a training for 20 peer educators, after which they conducted interactive workshops with over 500 students of elementary schools in Belgrade, and the completion of the project was marked with the placement of students messages on recycling within schools and through social networks.

In 2020, we plan to create a second edition of the coloring book, to include new educators and new students in the program, as well as to create educational videos with the students themselves.